Privacy Policy for Junk Cars Alabama

Junk Cars Alabama makes it a priority to deliver the best experience to our customers and that often requires looking at information relative to you. Sometimes this is information about how a large group of customers use the potential and other times it is more specific, such as your birthday for a nice “Happy Birthday” email. This Privacy Policy outlines how Junk Cars Alabama will collect and use information, and your security or preferences for this data. 
Some of the information collected can include:

  • Length of your website visit and site activities
  • Your full name
  • Birthday and age
  • Addresses, including shipping, billing, and email
  • Phone number
  • Social media or other accounts
  • Vehicle information
  • IP address

We collect this information through a variety of methods, including cookies, to help ensure that everything is operating properly and that your experience is as pleasant as possible. Junk Cars Alabama hopes you enjoy your visit and invites you to contact us directly in the event that you have any questions about this policy.


Junk Cars Alabama will take reasonable measures to keep your information safe on our websites and in our services. We use secure servers and limit access to only a small number of authorized employees. 
Your data is also yours, so we do not share information unless you specifically provide us the authority to do so. No third-party websites or services will learn about you from us, we only work with a small group and specifically get your approval to share information with them. Sharing is always an opt-in scenario.


Junk Cars Alabama’s website, especially blog pages, may contain links to third-party websites. These links are often to our partners, but sometimes they may link to research, news and other relevant items. We do not and cannot control what information that other companies collect and how it may be used, plus what they do to keep it secure. 
Please read policies for all services that you use.


You can always say no when it comes to sharing your information. When you fill out forms and provide us with information, you’ll always have the option not to share it.
If you say yes today, you can always change that to a no tomorrow. Simply contact us directly to opt out.


We will need to update this policy from time to time to ensure we’re properly caring for your rights, data, and protection. We will strive to notify you of changes, but this may not always be possible. Please check back here regularly to ensure that you know our policies and agree to them.
 Junk Cars Alabama recommends you do that with all of the services you use as a way to help keep your data safe.

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